10 High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree

10 High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree

Are you looking for a high-paying career in Canada but don’t have a college or university certificate? Don’t give up! There are occupations out there that are specifically designed for you. Let’s learn more about the 10 High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree might be able to find.

While Express Entry favours skilled employees who have completed some sort of post-secondary education – whether a diploma, degree, or certificate in some circumstances — there are some occupations in Canada that pay well and do not require a post-secondary education.

Although it is widely acknowledged that a university degree can lead to your perfect employment, other paths can also lead to your ideal job. According to a new survey, there are a handful of high-paying occupations in Canada that can be obtained without a university degree. While a university education may not be feasible for everyone, some training and certifications may be required for high-paying positions.

Web Developer – $29.59 per hour

Since 2020, all types of businesses have realised that in order to be successful, they must completely embrace the digital world. To connect with their consumers and continue to sell their products and services, small and medium businesses have turned to digital sales and marketing.

Not every business owner has the time, inclination, or ability to design and maintain a website and online presence. As a result, the demand for skilled web developers who can construct and manage websites has increased.

Web developer is a skilled position, and it certainly will help jobseekers to complete specific training courses and programs, but a university degree in computer sciences is not necessary to build a successful career in this field. Web developers have an average salary of nearly $30 per hour, and can work freelance or for large tech and marketing firms.

With the global ecommerce market predicted to hit $1 trillion in revenue by 2025, there is no sign that the demand for skilled web developers will decrease.

Video game Tester

  • Average wage: $30k per year
  • Top wage: $31.2k per year

Okay, so these aren’t the highest-paying jobs on our list. Is there anything better than being paid to play new video games BEFORE they’re even published to the general public for all those die-hard gamers out there? AND to scream about the flaws in these games?

But here’s the thing: having some technical talents, such as video game developer skills, isn’t required. You’ll need to know how to detect problems in video games, so knowing how they’re made will come in handy.

You also need soft skills like good communication abilities and a focused ability to meet deadlines while working on your own. You need a high school degree and many video game companies might want people with certain skills But at the same time they need young enthusiastic gamers to test their games because that’s the demographic they need to sell to.

Mine worker

  • Average wage: $23.75/hour
  • Top wage: $34.00/hour 

The actual positions in mining go by a variety of names and include a variety of responsibilities, ranging from backfiller to crusher operator to skip tender to a half-dozen more titles.

They, like the oil sector, require a secondary diploma, as well as on-the-job training and courses, and may, at some point, demand certification. One of the most important requirements is at least one year of previous mine labourer experience, which is how you get in on the bottom floor.

Plumber – $30 per hour

Trade industries continue to provide well-paying positions with a high level of security. Depending on their credentials, plumbers can serve a wide range of clients, including residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

It’s a job that requires specific training and an apprenticeship, which takes about 2-3 years to complete. This is a faster option than a university degree, and it also includes valuable hands-on experience.

Plumbers make a good living, with an average hourly wage of $30, and can work for construction and maintenance companies or create their own enterprises. Offering plumbing installation and repair services on large properties like factories and building sites will necessitate additional certifications and, as a result, more training and learning time.

School Bus Driver

The requirements are similar to those of any truck driver, albeit you will have a slightly different set of obligations as a school bus driver, including the safe care of dozens of children who will drive you insane. You’ll almost always need to take a job-specific training course as well.

In Ontario, for example, the MTO (provincial ministry of transportation) mandates that you complete a School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC), which covers everything from licencing and statutory requirements to driver tiredness and strategic driving strategies. Relax, the course is only 6.5 hours long.

So maybe you’ll end up doing four 2-hour classes and then you’ll have to take an exam. In other words, it will take only a few days or maybe a week.

But you only need a secondary education to start on the course. Of course, you will also need a class B or E license (school bus driver license) in Ontario, or its equivalent in other provinces.

Sales Associate – $15.00 per hour

People will continue to buy the items they need and use on a regular basis, regardless of bigger economic shifts. Sales associates and clerks assist consumers in locating the appropriate products and services, providing specific recommendations and attempting to comprehend customer needs.

Sales representatives can work in a store, over the phone, or even via video conferencing. While it may start off as a minimum wage job, especially in retail, it can quickly rise to a high average of $23.00 per hour or more.

Working in sales requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. Interacting face-to-face with customers will be a daily occurrence, and sales associates must be able to demonstrate patience and understanding.

For people who wish to further their career in sales, colleges offer a variety of business-related diplomas which can be completed more quickly than university degrees.

Receptionist – $18.00 per hour

A receptionist is the public face of a business or corporation. They are the first to interact with consumers and clients, and they play an important part in ensuring that they have a positive experience.

In order to effectively manage records and serve as a contact point between clients and other staff, receptionists must have great organisational and interpersonal skills.

The specific job requirements for a receptionist vary between organizations, and can include knowledge of specific computers and filing programs. A person can learn all of these skills, as long as a receptionist can demonstrate a strong desire to learn and grow on the job. Receptionists can work for all types of businesses, providing many employment opportunities in locations across the country.

Flight Attendant – $22.60 per hour

Become a flight attendant if you want to take off and see the world while creating a professional career. During a flight, a flight attendant works for a commercial airline, giving passengers instructions, safety instructions, and service. They have a critical duty to play in ensuring that everyone is safe and pleased before takeoff, during flight, and until deboarding.

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It is a career that requires a great deal of communication skills and interpersonal abilities, as interacting with passengers will comprise much of a flight attendant’s duties. They also act as the main point of communication between the rest of the flight crew.

Real Estate Agent – $46,212 per year

Those seeking a career as a flight attendant must complete specialized training programs as required by Transport Canada, and airlines may have additional requirements such as First Aid certification.

The Canadian housing market, if there is one business that appears unstoppable, is it. Real estate agents can develop a solid career helping customers locate the ideal house as consumers hunt for cheap housing in big cities and now smaller areas.

They assist clients who are trying to purchase, sell, rent, or lease a variety of properties, and they get payment from real estate firms in addition to commissions.

In order to enter the business, aspiring real estate agents must complete an accredited training programme and meet all of the standards of their provincial regulatory agency.

Real estate agents can work for huge property management businesses or go into business for themselves as self-employed realtors who work for the clients they choose once they are certified.

Mechanic – $25.00 per hour

People will continue to drive their cars, trucks, and other vehicles regardless of economic fluctuations. Mechanics work on cars and trucks to make sure they run smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Before you can get licence as auto mechanics, you must finish certificate and training courses, the majority of which include hands-on learning to obtain the practical abilities they will require on a daily basis.

Mechanics can open their own repair shop or work as freelance mechanics for drivers who want on-site repairs. They can also work for larger auto mechanic companies and earn a high hourly wage.

Auto mechanics who want to work on trucks, buses, and other larger vehicles will need to undergo additional training and obtain the relevant certifications.

Although education and learning are critical components of a long and successful career, every ambitious professional does not need to pursue a bachelor’s degree from a university.

In Canada, there are numerous high-paying careers that do not require a university diploma. People with specialised training will be able to enter the workforce and create a good professional life in these job areas.

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