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5 Best Students Laptop Insurance: Things you must know

5 Best Students Laptop Insurance: Things you must know: Laptops are expensive devices, and damage can result in significant financial losses. Additionally, warranties are only valid for a certain length of time after which you must pay for your laptops’ repairs.

A Student laptop insurance policy comes in handy for covering the laptop’s damages. The insurance offers a broad range of coverage as well as the option of customising it with add-ons. So, if you possess a laptop as a student, consider purchasing a laptop insurance policy to cover the costs of damage or theft.

What is Student Laptop Insurance?

Student Laptop insurance is a type of general insurance that protects your laptop from damage caused by specific dangers, or incidents that result in financial loss. Your insurance will cover the cost of repairs for your laptop if it within the coverage below.

How does Student Laptop Insurance work?

If you possess a laptop, you may purchase laptop insurance to protect it from harm. To purchase the policy, you must contact an insurance firm that specialises in laptop insurance.  

Understand the advantages and exclusions of the coverage, and then purchase the policy by paying the premium. The company would evaluate your insurance proposal and either accept or reject it.

If you accept the policy, the firm will provide you with laptop coverage, with the firm promising to pay for any damages that are in the policy.

Why should you purchase Student Laptop Insurance?

Whether you can afford to replace or repair your laptop depends on your financial situation. These devices are costly, and the cost of replacing them can be substantial.

Furthermore, this sort of insurance covers you in instances where your manufacturer’s warranty and homeowners insurance will not. The following are some of the reasons why a Student laptop insurance policy is beneficial:

  • The policy covers even damages that aren’t covered by the laptop’s warranty.
  • You will be given cash assistance if your laptop is destroyed. This assistance will assist you in getting your laptop fixed properly.
  • You will be reimbursed for the amount insured if your laptop is stolen, allowing you to purchase a new laptop without worrying about the cost.

What exactly does Student Laptop Insurance cover?

Student Laptop Insurance plans cover damage to the laptop as a result of the following events:

  • Theft or break-in of a laptop
  • Cracks or damages to the laptop screen
  • Any form of damage to the laptop as a result of an accident
  • Breakdown due to electrical or mechanical failure
  • Laptop battery failure or a faulty port
  • Failure or error in the RAM of the laptop
  • Crash of the hard drive of the laptop
  • Liquid leakage or spillage causes damage.
  • Burn out of the LCD

What does laptop insurance not cover?

There are specific situations that laptop insurance policies do not cover. If you submit a claim for these circumstances, it will be denied. The following are examples of such circumstance:

  • Charges for routine maintenance on the laptop
  • Damage to the laptop due to climatic conditions
  • The laptop’s natural wear and tear as a result of use and depreciation
  • War, riots, terrorism, and other risks, as well as the harm they inflict
  • Damages due to willful negligence of the policyholder or any other individual using the laptop
  • Any defects present in the laptop prior to the purchase of laptop insurance

In order to purchase laptop insurance, you must meet certain criteria:

You must be the legal owner of the laptop to get a laptop insurance coverage. You can buy the laptop in your country of origin or study or import one through a proper import channel from another country. When purchasing an insurance policy, you must file a proof of purchase.

What Is the Cost of Laptop Insurance?

The type of coverage, deductible, and protection you select will determine the cost of your laptop insurance. Individual plans typically cost between $28 to a few hundred dollars per year.

For example, policyholders who pick longer coverage terms or higher deductible levels typically pay cheaper annual premiums. The worth or purchase price of your laptop is another factor that may influence premium rates.

Laptop insurance plans with discounts

Many plans provide a premium savings if you purchase a long-term insurance or make no claims during the policy year.

The insurance company determines the specific coverage advantages and discounts. As a result, before purchasing a policy, you should understand the coverage features.

Before you acquire a laptop insurance plan, make sure to compare the options given by various firms. When you compare policies, you’ll find one with the finest coverage advantages and discount at the lowest premium prices.

How long do laptop insurance policies last?

In most cases, laptop insurance coverage are for a year. Some firms, on the other hand, provide coverage for longer periods of time.

How to Choose the Best Students Laptop Insurance

First, look at coverage options to see which insurance offer the most protection. Then check the pricing for each plan to see if there are any discounts for multiple policies or longer durations. Examine whether each plan allows for unlimited claim submissions and how long it take to process claims. 

Best Students Laptop Insurance Company

Worth Ave. Group 

Worth Ave. Group provides the most comprehensive coverage, including coverage for accidental damage, theft, and extended warranties. It also has a combination of a great customer satisfaction history and discounts through partner retailers.

Laptop insurance is available from Worth Ave. Group for adults, college students and K12 students. The insurer only offers a standard plan for their laptop insurance coverage, but it covers a wide range of risks like theft, vandalism, power surges induced by lighting, cracked screens, natural calamities and spills.


  • Coverage for educational laptops is available.
  • Insurance partners may provide premium discount
  • Limitless claim


  • Premiums are higher 
  • Claims paid out at replacement value
  • Doesn’t cover theft from unattended vehicles


Asurion sets itself apart by providing a policy that may be purchased independently or in conjunction with other home equipment for a low monthly fee.

It can combine other sorts of electronics for a single monthly charge (also known as the Asurion Home+ package).

Although it does not cover loss or theft, it does cover dangers such as power outages, cracked screens, spills, and damage from natural wear and use.

The Asurion Home+ plan is $24.99 per month, with coverage beginning 30 days after enrollment. Drops and spills, shattered screens, and hardware malfunction are all covered by different laptop insurance plans. Policyholders can file a claim by going to their website.

For individual policies, Securranty has the best rates. Additionally, policyholders receive a discount for purchasing longer terms, and a 10% discount when purchasing two or more policies.


We chose Securranty as the best option for affordable premiums because it offers a variety of discounts, including savings for purchasing numerous policies.

The company provides insurance for both adults and students in K-12 settings, with two plan categories for accidental damage and loss, standard dangers (such as fire), and theft coverage.

The cost of an insurance varies depending on the type of laptop and the period of coverage—it does not depend on the worth of your laptop, which is unusual.

A one-year accidental damage policy for a new laptop, for example, costs $29.95 per year, while a five-year plan for the same coverage costs $19.95 per year.

Policyholders can submit a claim by logging onto their account or phoning customer care at any time.


Upsie is one of the few firms that protects used, open box, and reconditioned laptops. In comparison to other providers who cover old computers, it also has a low deductible.

Upsie, a relatively new firm that began operations in 2018, is best for older gadgets because it is one of the few companies that covers used and open-box items. You may be eligible for coverage if your laptop was acquired within the last 60 days and has a 30-day seller’s warranty. The majority of laptop brands are supported.

You can choose between a two- or three-year plan, with a $25 deductible on all options. Screen cracks, accidental damage like as spills, and power surge damage are all covered.

How can I file a claim for my laptop insurance?

Follow these procedures to file a claim on your laptop insurance coverage.

  • Notifying the insurance company is the first step in filing a claim under your laptop insurance coverage. If your laptop is damaged and the damage is covered by your insurance coverage, contact the insurance company’s claim department to file a claim.
  • The insurance provider will record your claim and issue you with a claim reference number, which you should keep handy throughout the procedure.
  • You must make a police report if your laptop is missing. Make copies of the FIR because you’ll need them with the claim application.
  • After being notified, the company can hire a surveyor to determine the extent of the damage. 
  • Alternatively, the company may instruct you to send the laptop to any of their nearby service centre to analyse the damages.
  • For a rapid settlement, submit the claim application documents to the insurance company as soon as possible.
  • The company’s service centre will prepare a claim report after examination of the laptop to estimate the amount of claim.
  • The laptop would be repaired, according to the claim report.
  • After that, the insurance company would pay the claim. The corporation directly settles the claim with the service centre in the case of cashless repairs. The company will credit the claim amount straight to your bank account in the event of theft or reimbursement claims.

Documents to process laptop insurance claims

You are to furnish these documents to process your claims:

  • The policyholder should fill up and sign the claim form.
  • A photograph of the damaged laptop, as well as its serial number.
  • Police FIR in case of theft claims
  • Proof of identification of the individual who bought the laptop

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