Apply for 2022 EMBL £50,000 PhD Fellowship 

Apply for 2022 EMBL £50,000 PhD Fellowship 

Are you desirous of studying in Europe for your PhD programme? The opportunity is here for you to apply for 2022 EMBL £50,000 PhD Fellowship and actualize your ambition.  

About EMBL

The EMBL International PhD Programme, which has been running since 1983, provides students with the greatest possible start in their scientific careers.

It is one of the most competitive PhD training programmes in the world, boasting first-rate training, internationality, focused mentoring, and early research independence.

The EMBL-EBI fosters a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment where you can do research. We are a bioinformatics world leader, at the forefront of global efforts to collect and share biological data. We share a campus with the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge, England, which is 20 kilometres (11 miles) south of the city.

The EMBL-EBI PhD students are all active in the EMBL International PhD Program, as well as being students with the University of Cambridge and enjoying all of the benefits that come with it.

EMBL Admission Criteria

Highly qualified students of all nationalities are eligible to apply. Prior to beginning at EMBL, applicants must have or anticipate to obtain a university degree that formally qualifies them to pursue a PhD or equivalent programme in the country of study.

All applications must have at least two academic reference letters, and are assessed purely on the basis of qualification and scientific promise.

Applicants with prior EMBL experience can apply. To ensure that all EIPP applications are given equal rights, the Graduate Committee will consider candidates with prior EMBL affiliation.

Applicants with prior EMBL experience can apply. The Graduate Committee will evaluate candidates with prior EMBL affiliation to ensure that all EIPP applications are given the same treatment.

If a candidate has been at EMBL before, they will be eligible for this position.

  • They were linked to EMBL within the last 12 months of the submission deadline.
  • They were linked to EMBL at any point during the predoctoral recruitment process (from the application deadline until the date of the Initial Admission Assessment)

EMBL Trainings and Research Topics

The diverse training programme at EMBL aims to provide excellent training to people at all stages of their careers in the life sciences.

EMBL’s education department ELLS promotes scientific discoveries with young learners and instructors through inspiring activities, in addition to providing training for scientists.

When applying for the EMBL International PhD Program, you are to choose two EMBL research units and up to four topics of interest. PhD projects at EMBL-EBI require a wide range of expertise, including biology, chemistry, computational science, mathematics, and statistics.

There may be opportunities to incorporate some experimental biology in partnering laboratories, in addition to purely computational initiatives.

2022 EMBL Recruitment Timeline

There are two deadlines to remember: the first is to register on EMBL online application system, and the second is to finish your application.

  • Application opens February 2022
  • Application Submission deadline 19 April 2022, 23:59 CEST
  • Reference Deadline 21 April 2022, 23:59 CEST
  • The dates of the interviews will be set as soon as they are available.
  • Application results will be out in June 2022
  • Expected date flexible; by October 2022 at the latest

EMBL does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interviews, processing, training or any other fees) and will not ask for any bank details.


Award value: £28,500 ~ £50,000 (annual)

Duration: Course length

Coverage: Fees (Home), Fees (International), Maintenance, Other: An annual budget will be available to students for minor research costs, consumables and travel.

No. of awards: 4 (approximately)

Extendable duration: No

Basis of award grant: Academic merit

How to Apply- Application Process

1. Pick a topic that interests you.

2. Create an account with the online application system. Applicants must first register, as the application is only available online.

3. Apply for a PhD position starting in October of the year you are applying. Make sure you have your reference in by the deadline.

4. Interviews takes place in January (Spring round) or July at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany, and Hinxton (Cambridge), UK (Summer round).

5. A faculty member who is knowledgeable with the applicant’s national education system conducts the initial assessment.

6. After that, the EMBL Scientific Programme faculty at EMBL-EBI reviews the submission.

7. The EMBL Graduate Committee selects the candidates for interviews from a shortlist.

8. Successful applicants are to attend to an Initial Admission Assessment (IAA) interview at EMBL-EBI by a panel of EMBL academic members.

To be eligible for admission to the EMBL programme, you must complete a 20-minute pass/fail interview. During the interview, you are to answer questions about any aspect of molecular biology as well as your previous experience.

9. Panel and one-on-one interviews with Group Leaders, as well as group visits, fill the days following the IAA.

10. The Graduate Committee then accepts successful candidates into the EMBL International PhD Programme.

If you have questions about the programme or admission process, you may wish to email the EMBL Graduate Office: or the Research Office at EMBL-EBI: 

Reference requirements

By April 21, 2022, 23:59 CEST, referees must submit their online references. We strongly advise you to complete the ‘general information’ and ‘references’ sections of the online application first, so that your referees have enough time to complete the reference online.

Also, contact your referees to see whether they are accessible and willing to provide a reference before completing this section. It is your obligation to make sure that references get to us in a timely manner.

Regardless of whether or not your referees have completed the online reference form, you can still submit your application. Your referees will be able to access the online form after you’ve submitted it and until the deadline has passed.

References must be sent through the institutional email accounts. Only in cases where the referee does not have an institutional email address, i.e. only holds a ‘hotmail’, ‘gmail’ etc. account, we ask you to:

  1. Complete the form with the available email address.
  2. Inform your referee NOT to complete the online form.
  3. Ask your referee to send a reference letter on institutional headed paper, signed and stamped as a PDF document to
  4. Ask your referee to include your application ID number (8 digits) in the reference letter.

Interview Structure

There can be virtual interviews because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Successful candidates will receive complete information about the interview procedure.

Successful candidates will receive invitations via email and will have to join Slack for further contact. In due course, more information on the interview structure will be available.

In conclusion, EMBL PhD fellowship programme, you can also apply for Gates Cambridge Fully Funded scholarship here.

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