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Health Insurance for International Students in USA 2022

Living in the United States may be costly, especially for students who rely heavily on scholarships and loans to fund their education, here are some Health Insurance for International Students.

International students studying in the United States can get coverage if they have an F1 visa and meet the J1 visa requirements.

International students’ health insurance plans offer the ideal combination of plan benefits, value, and coverage to keep you safe and well. The student health plans can also help you maintain a healthy budget.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance, often known as medical insurance, is a type of insurance that covers all or part of a person’s risk of incurring medical bills.

International student health insurance protects you against illness and accidents, assists you in finding a doctor or hospital, and pays for treatment.

International students can obtain health insurance on the open market as long as it meets the university’s basic standards.

The following are the three most common insurance scenarios that you may encounter:

  1. Mandatory School Plan
    All international students will be expected to enroll in and pay for the school’s chosen insurance plan. The only method to get out of a mandatory plan is to show that you have appropriate insurance through a spouse’s employment or a sponsoring government.
  2. Plan sponsored by the school
    International students have the option of enrolling in the school’s plan, but they also have the option of choosing their own insurance plan as long as it fits the school’s requirements.
  3. There is no set plan: Some schools have no fixed insurance requirements for their international students, so they can choose any insurance plan they wish. This is a less popular choice.

Benefits of Health Insurance

  1. Protection against medical costs

The primary goal of health insurance is to ensure that you obtain the best medical treatment possible without putting your finances at risk. Health insurance plans provide coverage for unexpected medical expenses. It includes, among other things, hospitalization costs, day care procedures, domiciliary fees, and ambulance costs. As a result, instead of worrying about such huge charges, you may concentrate on your quick recovery.

2. In the event of a study interruption, the insurer covers the costs of education, subject to the policy’s terms and conditions. It can be used when a student has to repeat a semester due to circumstances such as hospitalization.

Why do I need International Students Health Insurance in the USA?

While some colleges require students to purchase university-sponsored insurance, others do not compel them to do so as long as they get similar coverage that meets or exceeds the school’s standards.

Non-U.S. citizens studying in the United States must have international student health insurance, and students will be unable to enroll in classes unless they can show proof of student health insurance.

Therefore, obtaining proper health insurance coverage is a university requirement in the United States. As a result, check with the university where you plan to enroll to determine if international students must obtain health insurance.

Student Visa Insurance Requirements

Visa type J-1

As part of the J visa requirements, visiting students, scholars, and their dependents must get and maintain an insurance plan that meets a set of government standards.

Visa type F-1

Traditional international students on an F-1 visa are not bound by any government regulations and must instead acquire insurance that fulfills their school’s criteria.

How can International Students’ get Health Insurance in the United States

Follow these simple procedures and you will be able to obtain students health insurance without any worries:

  1. Research: Examine the coverage criteria of your school and the host country in the United States, see if your school/university/college has a mandatory group health insurance coverage.
  2. Confirm: Confirm that your school permits you to opt out of the university-sponsored insurance plan and buy your own. if they do, you will need to inquire if they’re in the tuition bills or if you’ll have to pay them separately, and then finish the payments.
  3. Search: Look for the best plan for you, paying special attention to coverage and price. Look for companies or brokers, such as Insubuy, that provide health insurance for international students in the United States.
  4. Purchase : Purchase a plan and submit a waiver to your school along with proof of coverage and any additional papers required.

Cost Determining Factors for Health Insurance

The following factors influence the cost of an individual international student health insurance plan:

  • The Student’s Age

The primary determinant of price is one’s age. Insurance firms frequently charge varying sums for different age groups, with older age groups paying more.

  • Coverage Duration

International student health insurance has monthly rates, thus the cost rises proportionally to the number of months of coverage obtained.

  • Coverage Amount

Students can choose the level of coverage they want and weigh it against the fee they are willing to pay. Plans can range from the most basic and cost-effective to the most comprehensive, including maternity coverage and enhanced pre-existing condition coverage.

Cheapest and Best Health Insurance packages for International Students

International Student Health Insurance by IMGIMG

Students can choose from a selection of insurance options offered by IMGlobal (as well as insurance package for expats and crew members).

The three package that they provide are as follows:

Package 1: The Patriot Exchange Program (ideal for international students studying in the US!)

This programme is tailored to suit all international student visa criteria in the United States (especially for J1 and J2 visa holders). It also applies to children and their spouses (husband or wife).

For injury/illness, you can select plans with maximum amounts of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, or $500,000. IMG recently included non-urgent telemedicine coverage as well as COVID-19 instances, just like any other illness or injury.

Some colleges will require you to get maternity coverage if you are a woman.

Package 2: Student Health Advantage (ideal for international students studying in Europe on a Schengen visa!)

This program satisfies the visa requirements for international students participating in a sponsored study abroad program in most countries. Plans are available for both individuals and groups.

It includes coverage for mental health illnesses, maternity care, and pre-existing ailments (which aren’t covered by many other plans). In addition, for non-urgent cases, IMG covers COVID-19 and telemedicine expenditures.

Package 3: Student Health Advantage Platinum

This package is identical to the previous one, but it includes double the maximum coverage: $1,000,00

Features of IMGlobal Students’ Insurance Package

The majority of their packages are tailored to cover international students’ J1 and J2 visa requirements while studying in the United States.

Students studying in Europe/Schengen visa countries are covered by the majority of their plans.

They offer over 17,000 healthcare professionals to choose from all over the world.

They are open to students from all over the world.

Their customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (in case of emergencies)

Individuals as well as groups of 5 or more might benefit from their plans.

COVID-19 and telemedicine consultations.

Foyer Global Health

Depending on your needs, Foyer Global Health offers worldwide health insurance. What’s the difference between basic and premium? Is it better to stay for a short or extended period of time? Is it better to be alone or with the family? Whatever your requirements are, there is a plan to meet them.

The company offers three different packages:


Anesthetics, consultations, and surgery

The use of Therapeutic devices and equipment as a last resort.

Only up to € 100,000 per life for congenital disorders.

Does not include maternity and childbirth care.


Anesthetics, consultations, and surgery

There is up to € 2,000 in funding for therapeutic aids and equipment, such as prosthetic limbs and prostheses.

Congenital diseases, up to a lifetime maximum of € 150,000

With a 10-month waiting period, it covers maternity and delivery care up to € 5,000.


Anesthetics, consultations, and surgery

There are no limits to the number of medicinal devices and devices.

Congenital diseases up to a lifetime maximum of € 200,000

Maternity and birthing care, hospital midwife or nursing services up to € 20,000, and a 10-month wait

Features of Foyer Global Health Package

  • Consultations, surgeries, and basic dental procedures are all included in all plans.
  • Experienced advisers, doctors, and specialists are available by phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • This company provides evacuation and repatriation services.
  • Medical assistance and pre-trip recommendations (vaccinations, preparation of a first aid kit)
  • Most basic plan does not cover prenatal and postnatal care

International Health Insurance for Cigna Global Students

Cigna Global, one of the world’s major health insurance firms, has a stellar reputation in the medical field. Travelers, expats, and foreign students can all benefit from their plans.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the three main plans offered by Cigna Global. The plans are global in scope, with the option of incorporating or excluding the United States. 

Cigna offers a flexible plan to add optional modules to various insurance packages in treatments for the teeth and eyes and International evacuation and disaster relief

The company features a flexible payment strategy, with annual, monthly, and quarterly installments available.

Has a quick claim process; 95 percent of refund requests are received within 10 days, according to company data.

Cigna’s highly comprehensive service and online assistance center, with access to a list of over 3,000 hospitals, online access for travelers, and information guides, is one of the company’s distinguishing features.

Also Cigna is a global network of more than 1.65 million hospitals, doctors, clinics, and specialists, providing its members with a diverse selection of options.

They are available to answer any queries you may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Prenatal and postnatal care are not covered by your most basic plan.

Coverage for outpatient consultations with specialists and doctors is not available.

Student Secure Insurance by HCCMIS

Tokio Marine’s HCCMIS insurance program is for full-time students and scholars studying away from home (alongside the usual travel insurance offerings)

They’re all eligible for a J-1 visa.

If you pay your entire premium in advance, you can save money.

There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions in their Smart plan

In the Smart plan, there is no coverage for newborn maternity care.

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